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Поиск поизводителей вне территории Китая - Instruction For Cooperation

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Professional manufacturers in nourishment and dietary supplements are being sought for a long-term ODM cooperation to develop and produce some high quality products separately for childern and teenagers. The annual purchase amount is five million dollars at least.
The final formula for products will be decided after full communication with manufactuer according requirements for products.
Process For Cooperation:
  Enough deposit will be paid before manufacture and the rest is gonna be paid after delivery, the products get to China through cross-border e-commerce instead of general trade.
Requirements For Products:
1. Traditional dietary supplements are out of options,like vitamin,DHA, protein, enzyme etc.It must be a new kind product not belonging to any existing species.
2. It has to be a mixture made of various materials and contains various ingredients.
3. The main materials are vegetal , animal and micro-organism materials are selectable.
4. Difference between childern and adults should be considered emphatically to adjust formulas in collocation and dosage for safety.The products aslo has to be qualified for standards on childern food of both local country and FDA.
5. Four products separately for boys and girls in 6-12years old and 13-18years old are needed in this project,which means four formulas.
6. The form of products has not been decided yet,it will be certain after further market research and communication with chosen manufacturer.    
7. The  materials for products has to be high quality,means the best.  
Requirements For Partner:
1. Companies with strong capability in research and development will be preferred,like biotechnology firms, Pharmaceutical companies with PIC/S authentication or professional producers of dietary supplement with originally development.
2. Only manufacturer,traders or agents are out of options.
3. With good reputation and never invovled in any quality events.
4. With a large capacity for manufacture,be able to deal with a big order in a short time.
Background For Project:
1. Permeability in health industry in China keeps very low and ratio between expenditures on health and inhabitants daily total expenditures is less than 1/10 of residents in Europe and America,so there are huge growth spaces in medical, examination,related food, commercial health insurance etc.China government also put a lot of resources in this field by the programme-“HELATH CHINA 2020”, plus countless capital and entrepreneurial teams,abovementioned makets are burning strongly.Any market segments in health industry in China will be extremely great in scale.
2. China government has taken lots of actions on protectting the quality of both food and natural environment which caused enhancement in both willingness to consume and consumption quota.And import tariffs have been reduced drastically to support high quality products abroad get into China. Restricted both with technology and lack of high quality raw materials,Chinese food companies impossibly get their products’quality high to the level of food abroad.Aboveall three advantages make a rare opportunity for high quality food abroad to get into China market.
3. Besides above two advantages in market increment and national policy,there is another advantage from consumption growth caused by industrial progress with informatization,especially in health industrial clusters because lots of new makets will be born,          like the convergence of  health insurance and internet banking, combination of customization forfood,chronic disease management and online health file service.Every field in health industry has close association with each other which means capturing users with one single product or service in health industry would be a key to more fields naturally.The benefit caused by this is much more than the one from old offline sale or general trade.
4. Unlike other countries people ,Chinese prefer shopping online a lot,which make the effect of online much better than offline in brand building, sales volume and marketing communications and this is also the project’s another advantage as these products planned is customized for some social e-commerce platforms.( The retail sales volume online in China is 1.05 trillion dollars in 2017,which is 19.6% of 4.85 trillion dollars-the total consumption in 2017.)
This instruction is for only manufacturer partners,not contain related domestic operation in China as the business confidentiality.But it can be certain that this project won’t damage traditional system of product agent for some manufacturers as we build and foucs on a totally new market differentiated from exsiting ones which means there is no condition for competition between us and old fashion agents.


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