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-Hotline: 010-64404420、64404421(Any question,please send it to cniru.ru@cniru.org.)
-Please fill this form On-site and  send it to cniru.ru@cniru.org. 
After we receive this form, we’ll contact you for more information and further cooperation.
-From:China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation
Name *Country / City
*Postal Code *Contact Person □Ms. □Mr. 
*Telephone Job Title
*Mobile Fax
*E-mail Website
*Corporate Profile
*Please check off the exhibits of your company (choose one at least)
Area Exhibits
□Equipment □Industrial robots □materials processing and molding equipment □aerospace equipment □energy technology equipment □transportation equipment □comprehensive solutions □automation, □integrated circuit chips □engineering machinery (construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery) □agricultural machinery, □all-terrain engineering vehicles □special-purpose vehicles  □supporting services  □Others, _________________
□Automobile □High-end big brand cars □new energy technologies and products □auto design and new-concept products □intelligent driving vehicles and technologies □auto parts and components □auto accessories □auto measuring □testing and diagnostic equipment □auto repair and maintenance equipment and supplies  □Others, _________________
□ Consumer
Electronics &
Appliances □Smart homes □smart home appliances □appliances □service robots □online entertainment □wearable devices □digital video and audio □HD displays □sports technology 
□Others, _________________
& Consumer
Goods □ Clothing □ Garment   □ Textile  □ Textile materials □ Bags □ Footwear
□ Furniture and household items □ Furniture  □ Kitchen & Bathroom Products □ Ornaments  □ Ceramics & Glass □ Clocks and watches
□ Others □ Daily chemical products □ Beauty and hair care products □ Gifts and cultural products □ Jewelries □ Mother and baby products □ Toys □ Outdoor sports and leisure equipment □ Pet food and supplies □ Others, please specify ________
□Food &
Products □Fruits and vegetables  □meat products □aquatic products □drinks and alcoholic beverages 
□dairy products □snack foods □condiments □sweets □agricultural products □synthetic foods 
□Others, ___________
Equipment &Medical Care
Products □Medical Device □Medical Imaging Equipment  □Surgical Equipment & Devices  □IVD  □High
 Value Medical Disposables  □Mobile Health & AI  □Medical Device for Home Use  □Medical Dressings  □Others, _________________
□Bio&Pharmaceuticals □Pharmaceuticals  □Herbal Medicines  □Others, _________________
□Health Products □Dietary Supplements □Functional Foods  □Nutraceuticals  □Fast Moving Consumer Goods with Health Function  □Others, _________________
□Complementary Medicine □Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)  □Scarce TCM raw materials  □Herbal Products  □Aromatherapy Products  □Products for Alternative & Complementary Medicine  □Others, _________________
□Beauty Care&
Cosmetic Surgery □Medical & Beauty care Products  □Device for Beauty Care & Cosmetic Surgery □Functional Cosmetics  □Others, _________________
□Welfare&Elderly Care Products □Advance Health Examination  □Senior and Elderly Care Facilities  □Welfare & Rehabilitation Equipment  □Massage Devices  □Physical Therapy Products
□Others, _________________
□Machinery □Pharmaceutical □Equipment Packaging Machinery  
□Drug Delivery Equipment for Hospital Use  □Others, _________________
□Others □Medical Devices Design and Software  □Others, _________________
□Trade in
Services □ Cultural tourism □ Animation production 
□ Cultural art (sculpture, painting, music, dance, Chinese opera, etc.)     
□ Overseas intangible cultural heritages (folk art, folk music, folk dance, folk handicraft, etc.)
□ Education-related items   □ Colleges and universities □ Service of travel agencies   □ Hotel service  □ Cruise service  □ Air service  □Others, ______________
□ Logistics services □ Sea transportation  □ Land transportation □ Air transportation
□ Multimodal transportation □ Freight forwarding  □ Warehousing
□ Delivery □ Information processing  □ Ports  □Others, _____________________
□ Integrated services □ Legal service □ Accounting service □ Counseling service □ Intellectual property service □ Exhibition service  □ Inspection and quarantine service  □ Architectural design and consulting  □ Standardization and inspection area  
□Others, ______________
□ Financial service □ Banks   □ Commercial insurance  □Others, ______________
* Application :(please fill in only one item)
□A. Standard booth ________ (9 m² / Nr.) 
□B. Raw space ________ m2 (Min: 36 m²) 
□Indoor Exhibition Halls 
      □Outdoor Exhibition Areas 
From:China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation
Legal representative/authorized representative (agent):   
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